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WanderSearch Canterbury safeguards vulnerable individuals at risk of going missing, supporting individuals to live healthy, active lifestyles in the communities they love.


Who Does WanderSearch Help?

WanderSearch Canterbury Charitable Trust works with all age groups and conditions e.g. Dementia, Autism, Brain injury, etc. We supply radio frequency devices that can be worn by the individual and allow them to be found quickly by NZ Police and Land Search and Rescue volunteers should they go missing. 

'Wandering lays bare a painful truth about life with dementia: risk and freedom are inextricably intertwined.'


WanderSearch provides peace of mind for the person using the device and their family/whanau, friends and caregivers.

Individuals who use a WanderSearch device are found much faster compared to those without any sort of location device. For individuals who have frail health or who can be unaware of environmental hazards the time taken to locate them can be critical and the use of a WanderSearch device can be life-saving.

'The advice typically given to patients and caregivers of people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s is that it’s not a question of if a person with the condition will wander away, but when.' 

 Wandering behaviour in autistic individuals is associated with unique safety risks, as often for these individuals their diagnosis comes with an interference in the ability to recognise danger and know how to keep themselves safe. (Altogether Autism NZ)

‘Studies report almost half of autistic children have wandered off from a safe environment’ (Anderson et al, 2012).


Our Devices

The WandaTrak device creates radio frequencies that can be located by Land Search Rescue and the NZ Police.


Client Stories

Diana and Jim

Diana discusses how the use of a WandaTrak keyring supports her husband Jim to stay safe and active and allows them to remain living together in their own home for as long as possible.

Brodie and Reubin

Brodie and carer Reubin discuss how they enable Brodie’s freedom while considering his safety.


Tak discusses how WanderSearch devices have been utilised for the students of Waitaha School to facilitate students to participate safely in school activities.

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